Not the Dream

Living in a 5th wheel, even a good-sized one, has not been the dream I had hoped for. Imagine living in a cramped space with two adults, three young boys, two dogs and a cat. Thankfully, my landlord has become my new bestie so I’m learning all kinds of good farming lessons.

My current animal count, other than those mentioned above, is nine- seven goats and two sheep. I have four other sheep still being babysat by their original farmer. He’s been so very patient with my situation. I think he’s having nostalgic trouble with his retirement, aka thinning his herd. Does a farmer ever really retire?

I have a driveway and ALMOST have power out at the property. The materials to get the shop going will be delivered in two weeks. I hope I have the permit by then!

I’m getting a little worried about having this all done before winter. We can’t stay in our current living situation through winter, so we HAVE to have it all done. My partner is not the easiest man to light a fire under.ย  He plans to build the shop himself and install all the necessary plumbing, wiring, etc. I did have to hire an electrician to do the initial power box, though. We’ll see how much David can actually get done, while also working a full-time job. He may get offered some overtime and we can’t really refuse that right now! He also needs to build a barn and install all the fencing. He has so far been focused on cutting down trees.

Sidenotes. My landlords are very entertained with the size of the balls on my sheep, pictures have been taken more than once. The largest female goat is mean to my favorite girl. The two Nigerian goats are the friendliest. I still can’t touch the sheep. Several of the goats avoid being touched. Between the five of us, we have seen a goat faint three times! ๐Ÿ™‚ Finally!!! It’s impossible to catch an unfriendly goat by yourself if it has escaped.

Making Progress

So, my house sale and land purchase are in the final stages, but still expected to close June 15th. I’m trying to speed up the timeline on the land purchase… but so far no luck.

The RV has been moved onto the property where we will be living for the time being. We met with a well driller and made a tentative plan. Tentative because they won’t put me on a definite plan until the purchase is final. I booked an excavator for just after closing, with the hopes I can move him up if we close early.

My farm truck is a disappointment. But I was able to get the title today, so now I’ll try to resell it. The new plan for a farm/plow truck includes a flight. I have to go to Malad City, in southern Idaho, the first full week of June to pick up five goats. Yes, five. By chance, on the FB Marketplace, I found a PERFECT farm/plow truck. In Boise, seven hours away. I have a friend nearby who has agreed to meet the owner and have it checked out by a mechanic. So, assuming it checks out AND the mechanic can remove the plow and put it in the bed of the truck, I will fly to Boise. After arriving at approximately 8am, I’ll take an Uber or get a ride from this friend to get the truck. I’ll pay for said truck and continue on to Malad City. I’m hoping I can be there no later than noon. I’ll have to meet up with someone who will want to chat for a bit. So, after the chat, I’ll load up my goats and drive home. Eight or nine hours.

I have gotten some negative feedback about this blog from my brother. He is insisting that my farm also has alpacas. I told him I would house alpacas if he was financially responsible for them. I forgot to mention this agreement in previous blog posts.

Are you happy now, Paul?

It’s almost time!

I have, some say, put the cart before the horse. In my case, very, very far ahead.

My house has sold, its finally under contract. The closing date is June 15th. I’m soooo happy!!! Even before the house sold, I had deposits on NINE goats, a livestock guardian dog and three sheep. I had a dozen Muscovy duck eggs sent via Ebay. After incubating them for more than a month, I failed. Yesterday was supposed to be hatch day, day 35. I had no eggs hatch. It is rather devastating.

I’m even more excited about the fact that I have almost six acres under contract. A different location than I wrote about before. A better location. It has trees and nothing else. There are few neighbors and little room for growth in the area. Exactly what I was hoping for. The growth in my area is my primary reason for needing a move.

With goats, sheep and a dog on the way, I need a place to live. My boyfriend, David and our three kids need a place to live! Just by chance a coworker introduced me to a friend who could house the goats while we found a place to live.

This new friend and I have a lot in common. It feels as if we have been friends for years. Now, not only will she be housing my pets, she will also be housing us! ๐Ÿ™‚ She told me she and her husband had already prepped RV sites on their property and had discussed renters. They told me they had envisioned a single person who worked a lot and kept to themselves. However, since they “know us,” they are going to let us live there.

So, I spent a few day searching for an RV. David and I went to a couple local RV dealers and saw several used ones. Each one we saw, we gained some insight into what we would need to house our family for, potentially, the summer.

I can barely contain my excitement. My house will be sold. I purchased a 36′ used RV. Did I mention, somewhere along the way, I also purchased a small tractor and a farm truck? I have been disappointed in my choice of an inexperienced realtor, but it worked out. I now continue to be disappointed by the disorganization of the ONE person who can give me a loan for the land. Who knew banks were so picky about whether a piece of property had a wellย  and power or not?!












I am looking forward to having a small hobby farm. My goal is to have goats (Nigerian Dwarfs and Mini Fainting Silkies), sheep (baby doll), chickens (icelandic and Silkies) and guinea hens. I may eventually have to get into LGDs (livestock guardian dogs), but for now, we’ll stick with our Chiweenie and Mini Austrailian Shepherd.