Not the Dream

Living in a 5th wheel, even a good-sized one, has not been the dream I had hoped for. Imagine living in a cramped space with two adults, three young boys, two dogs and a cat. Thankfully, my landlord has become my new bestie so I’m learning all kinds of good farming lessons.

My current animal count, other than those mentioned above, is nine- seven goats and two sheep. I have four other sheep still being babysat by their original farmer. He’s been so very patient with my situation. I think he’s having nostalgic trouble with his retirement, aka thinning his herd. Does a farmer ever really retire?

I have a driveway and ALMOST have power out at the property. The materials to get the shop going will be delivered in two weeks. I hope I have the permit by then!

I’m getting a little worried about having this all done before winter. We can’t stay in our current living situation through winter, so we HAVE to have it all done. My partner is not the easiest man to light a fire under.  He plans to build the shop himself and install all the necessary plumbing, wiring, etc. I did have to hire an electrician to do the initial power box, though. We’ll see how much David can actually get done, while also working a full-time job. He may get offered some overtime and we can’t really refuse that right now! He also needs to build a barn and install all the fencing. He has so far been focused on cutting down trees.

Sidenotes. My landlords are very entertained with the size of the balls on my sheep, pictures have been taken more than once. The largest female goat is mean to my favorite girl. The two Nigerian goats are the friendliest. I still can’t touch the sheep. Several of the goats avoid being touched. Between the five of us, we have seen a goat faint three times! 🙂 Finally!!! It’s impossible to catch an unfriendly goat by yourself if it has escaped.

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