Making Progress

So, my house sale and land purchase are in the final stages, but still expected to close June 15th. I’m trying to speed up the timeline on the land purchase… but so far no luck.

The RV has been moved onto the property where we will be living for the time being. We met with a well driller and made a tentative plan. Tentative because they won’t put me on a definite plan until the purchase is final. I booked an excavator for just after closing, with the hopes I can move him up if we close early.

My farm truck is a disappointment. But I was able to get the title today, so now I’ll try to resell it. The new plan for a farm/plow truck includes a flight. I have to go to Malad City, in southern Idaho, the first full week of June to pick up five goats. Yes, five. By chance, on the FB Marketplace, I found a PERFECT farm/plow truck. In Boise, seven hours away. I have a friend nearby who has agreed to meet the owner and have it checked out by a mechanic. So, assuming it checks out AND the mechanic can remove the plow and put it in the bed of the truck, I will fly to Boise. After arriving at approximately 8am, I’ll take an Uber or get a ride from this friend to get the truck. I’ll pay for said truck and continue on to Malad City. I’m hoping I can be there no later than noon. I’ll have to meet up with someone who will want to chat for a bit. So, after the chat, I’ll load up my goats and drive home. Eight or nine hours.

I have gotten some negative feedback about this blog from my brother. He is insisting that my farm also has alpacas. I told him I would house alpacas if he was financially responsible for them. I forgot to mention this agreement in previous blog posts.

Are you happy now, Paul?

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