It’s almost time!

I have, some say, put the cart before the horse. In my case, very, very far ahead.

My house has sold, its finally under contract. The closing date is June 15th. I’m soooo happy!!! Even before the house sold, I had deposits on NINE goats, a livestock guardian dog and three sheep. I had a dozen Muscovy duck eggs sent via Ebay. After incubating them for more than a month, I failed. Yesterday was supposed to be hatch day, day 35. I had no eggs hatch. It is rather devastating.

I’m even more excited about the fact that I have almost six acres under contract. A different location than I wrote about before. A better location. It has trees and nothing else. There are few neighbors and little room for growth in the area. Exactly what I was hoping for. The growth in my area is my primary reason for needing a move.

With goats, sheep and a dog on the way, I need a place to live. My boyfriend, David and our three kids need a place to live! Just by chance a coworker introduced me to a friend who could house the goats while we found a place to live.

This new friend and I have a lot in common. It feels as if we have been friends for years. Now, not only will she be housing my pets, she will also be housing us! 🙂 She told me she and her husband had already prepped RV sites on their property and had discussed renters. They told me they had envisioned a single person who worked a lot and kept to themselves. However, since they “know us,” they are going to let us live there.

So, I spent a few day searching for an RV. David and I went to a couple local RV dealers and saw several used ones. Each one we saw, we gained some insight into what we would need to house our family for, potentially, the summer.

I can barely contain my excitement. My house will be sold. I purchased a 36′ used RV. Did I mention, somewhere along the way, I also purchased a small tractor and a farm truck? I have been disappointed in my choice of an inexperienced realtor, but it worked out. I now continue to be disappointed by the disorganization of the ONE person who can give me a loan for the land. Who knew banks were so picky about whether a piece of property had a well  and power or not?!











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